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All Original and Exclusive Military Men Photos and Video Content! They represent what "All American" is and cover the gamut of the USMC, USN, ARMY and AIR FORCE, SPECIAL FORCES divisions as well as a few Civilians I throw in there who fit that military look. These guys are NOT actors or porn stars. They're real straight, active duty military and HOT! They're marinesand sailors mostly who just happen to come across a pervert like me who has opened a different world that they otherwise would never haveencountered but have enjoyed "trying" while in the military. They're farm boys, Mormons, Irish and Catholics, some conservative, some roughthe edges, and some even kinky by gay standards but alot of them are 1st timers who are innocent and shy but best of all...horny!

I guess the burning question is.... These guys aren't straight if they're doing this right? WRONG! They're COMPLETELY STRAIGHT! It's not whatyou DO that determines your sexual preference, it's what you PREFER. I think by nature all humans have some degree of curiosity about thesame sex. Most have thought about it but never ever cross the line unless they're pushed across momentarily. What makes them cross? Well,cash motivates a lot of serviceman who typically get shitty pay in the military but bottom line, they'rehorny mother fuckers who just like to get off and dream of becomin'porn stars a lot more than think about who or why they're doing it. To them, a nice piece of ass and bustin'a big nut is what life is all about when you're young and in the military. If you think about it, waving a few hundy's at them to watch a raunchy porno with the idea that all they have to do is either jerk off or kick back, spread their legs and enjoy "heaven" without having to do a single thing in you'll see it's very difficult to say no. Initially most are extremely shy believe it or not and very protective and skeptical but ironically enough, they behave a lot like girls do when straight guys are trying to scam on them....bitchy and uptight! It's all game bro!

What happens to most of them? Well they go back to their regular lives, girlfriends, wives, or wherever they came from either back East, the Midwest, even the South. We'll probably never see them again but we will re-live some of the hottest but brief recorded moments in their young straight lives that will be a lasting memory for you and me! So enjoy these dudes as much as I have enjoyed videotaping them because there's plenty more where these came from. There is an endless supply of military studs entering basic training every year and you better bet your ass I'll be there with my camera.

I think the best and most unique thing I could say about my movies aside the quality that probably most websites have online today, is the way my movies are shot. The angles, perspectives, cum shots, the interviews, and what I think is most important is watching the expression on the straight guy's face when he blows his load. I use mirrors for interesting shots, position the guys and set the cameras so that you see the action almost better than even being there. The style I shoot is amateur in nature but the quality is top notch professional. All the latest equipment, lights, and the video themselves are mostly all encoded at a 640x480 screen size except for our earlier films that were released in a smaller format size because of the era they were launched in. And of course, if you see my models, they're not prettyboy-gymrat-metrosexual wannabies....they are REAL and STRAIGHT military MEN which epitomizes what is all about!STRAIGHT GUYS. Kind of like reality TV gone porno! The photo galleries are still action from the actual movies captured at 720x480 pixels so the quality is great and youcatch the cum shots in mid-air! I'm proud of my movies and I know you'll enjoy them, god knows I do!

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