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Cruising Truckers: The Do's and Don'ts on Finding a Trucker I'm often asked how to cruise a truck driver to let him know you're interested; moreover, how do you pick up that the truck driver might be interested as well. The rules have changed over the years and cruising a trucker with results isn't as easy as it was twenty years ago for a number of reasons. With the introduction of cell phones, camera phones, video mounted cameras, Callcom, GPS and the fact that many women have taken to the roads, cruising has become more of a challenge. Still, with the right techniques, frame of mind, and creativity, you can still meet some mighty hot truckers in places like rest areas, picnic areas, truck stops, motels and even straight trucker bars.

In the past, all one had to do was pull into a rest area and pump his brake lights and interested truckers would flash their lights back. This was even common driving down an Interstate and passing a truck driver. However, this method is not only rarely used, it's not recommended at all. Here are some of the best ways to hook up with a truck driver.

The CB Radio:
Before you buy some expensive set up I'd recommend you check around at CB shops for a used CB radio. Many truck stops have independent CB repair shops located next to them. All you need is a used or reconditioned radio like a Cobra 29, a noise cancelling microphone, and a Monroe magnetic roof top mounted antenna. Have the CB fixed with a modem that can plug into your cigarette lighter and mount the magnetic antenna in the center of the roof of your car with the coax cable running through the passenger door. This way you can plug it in and mount your magnetic antenna in two minutes, and remove it just as fast. The CB shop will have already tuned and peaked the CB and can calibrate the antenna for your car in a matter of minutes. I paid a total of $60 for my radio, antenna and heavy-duty coax cable with the adapter for the cigarette lighter. After five years it still works beautifully. I travel by air a fair amount and will usually travel with my CB and antenna in my carry-on. Not once have I been questioned in airport security. When I get to the other end and rent a car the CB plugs into the car cigarette lighter and I'm in business. Here are some tips on how to cruise on the CB

The Dead Key Method
When near truck stops and in rest areas click your microphone 3 quick times. This is called "dead key." Most every trucker uses CB Channel 19 nationwide, except on I-5 from California to Washington State. CB Channel 17 is used instead. Almost every truck driver knows what this means. (The "goodbuddy" Morse code") If a driver is interested he will click his mic in return, usually twice. Wait a minute or two and click three times again. If he clicks his mic in return, then go on the mic and say "23" (or whatever channel you want him to follow you) Remember to check the channels you want your trucker to follow you on to make sure they are "open channels", meaning no one else is talking on or using those channels.

Once on Channel 23, click three times again, and see if he clicks back. Generally he will. Then say something like "Take it up four", meaning to go up another four channels. Once there, ask "did you make it?" He'll generally acknowledge. If so, he may ask, "what's going on," or "what are you looking for?" Before committing yourself, say something like, "Oh, just bored STIFF, if you know what I mean" He will generally chuckle and same something like "same here." Here is where I say something like, "yeah I'm looking to play ball, I'm a catcher looking for a pitcher." He'll let you know if that's what he's also looking for. In no way have you come out and said anything about having sex.

I ask the trucker if he wants my number and will call me on my cell phone. If he's willing to call then it not only shows he really wants to play but it indicates it's not as wild goose chase, or worse--A set up! This also gives the two of you total privacy so no other ears who may have followed you to the channel you're on will be able to know where either of you are, or what you're planning to do.

If he says he's looking to pitch, etc., ask about his general appearance, etc. He may ask for yours. If you're interested in meeting, then take it to the next level. Let him know you're in a car or pick up or "four wheeler". He'll probably invite you to his truck. If so, simply ask the "color of his house" and what row he's on, and ask for the last two numbers on the hood of his tractor. Follow his directions to his truck and it should be relatively easy to find him. Remember to try to look and act like a guy who drives truck! If your trucker says he'll be naked and waiting in his sleeper and to simply open up the driver's door and crawl back into his sleeper I don't recommend you go looking for him. Either he's leading you on or it's a set up. Few truckers are going to let someone in his truck sight unseen, and if he does you certainly don't want to join him. Only go to the truck if the driver is sitting up in the driver's seat waiting on you. He will generally open the door as you approach, or motion you to go to the passenger door. One other thing to observe is the condition and appearance of his truck. If his truck is dirty then chances are so is he! If his truck smells, chances are so will your road driving Romeo. Rule of thumb. If the truck is dirty then the driver probably is also. There's nothing wrong in excusing yourself from joining the driver in his truck, just as he has the right to decline. Just be polite. So many truck drivers are treated so rudely out on the open road and in truck stops, at shippers, receivers, etc., there's no reason to contribute to the abuse many of our drivers are subjected to. In fact, your kindness and friendliness in addition to the sex can often turn a trucker's day around.

In The Truck
Once you're in the truck there's some protocol to follow. For example, when he invites you into his sleeper be sure to remove your footwear in the front and not in his sleeper. Also, be careful not to ejaculate on his bed covers, sheets or floor. It's hard for a trucker to wash his bedding. Carry your own condoms and lube and do not expect the trucker to furnish them for you. Many of these drivers are married and they do not want their wives to find condoms or condom wrappers in their trucks when they get home!

Before You Leave
After you have had fun and you're ready to leave make sure you have all personal items, wallet, cell phone, keys, etc. He will probably tell you which door to exit and do so as if you're a driver leaving your truck and walking to the truck stop building. If you did not exchange telephone numbers as recommended then don't be afraid to ask him to exchange telephone numbers if you had a good time and liked one another. I've made several life-long friends this way who call me up when they're passing through. If he hs time and I've no plans then I'm more than happy to pick my new trucker bud up at a nearby truck stop and drive back to my place for him to spend the night or even weekend where he can relax, enjoy a great home-cooked meal and go skinny dipping in my pool and spa. I'll also offer use of my washer and dryer. Such courtesies and hospitality go a very long way with your new found friend(s) since so little courtesy and respect is given to these guys who literally move our country and keep our economy going. Some drivers I've met have told their friends and have shared my name, email and cell#. I also share my trucker buddies with other trucker buddies for possible hook ups together when they're on the road. And it's amazing how many do run into one another when out on the road.

Rest Areas, Picnic Areas, Truck Parking Areas
Back in the day all someone had to do was pump his brake lights when driving through a rest area or a picnic area or even a truck parking area. No longer. Doing so is not only risky but it can sometimes be dangerous although rare. A homophobic driver (and believe me, there are more now than ever before) or a greedy gay man who feels you're invading his "territory"may call 911 and report you. Here are some tips on cruising these places: Once you exit the interstate or highway and pull into the rest area look around to see how the trucks are parked. If it's an older type of rest area where cars and trucks co-mingle together it's easier to cruise. If you're driving through a rest area that has trucks parked along side of the actual road inside the rest area then drive as slowly as possible. As you pass a truck, look up to see if a driver is sitting in his seat and looking down at you as you pass by. Try to park in front of the trucker can see you and you can see him through your rear-view mirrors. If you come upon aparking space where two or three trucks can fit in front of one another then DO NOT PARK IN THE MIDDLE OR CENTER OF THE PARKING SPOTS. In other words, if there is 400 feet or so between trucks do not pull up and park directly in the center because you may prohibit other trucks pulling in after you to park. Instead, either pull as far forward as you can, or pull in front of the truck with the driver sitting in his seat leaving just enough room for you to see him through your rear-view mirror, and enough room for him to pull out if he needs to do so. Do not wind up blocking parking spaces that truckers pulling in behind you can utilize. This is not only the courteous thing to do it increases your odds on hooking up with a trucker. Once parked, you might want to flip your dome lights on and off twice- nothing obvious and NO BRAKE TAPS! If he's interested he will either flip his dome light on, or maybe flick a cigarette lighter. If he does nothing then wait a few moments and then use a small flashlight (not a laser light!!) or a cigarette lighter, or simply open up your cell phone and flash it at him. If he flashes back, then he's interested. Get out and walk past his truck and nod at him as you walk by. If his window is down and he nods back then stop and say hello and start some small talk. He already knows what you want- you're just waiting for his invitation. He will ask you if you want to get in and will either tell you to get in on his side or point to the passenger side. Sometimes I will take a flash light and my cell phone to a picnic table where I have a view of several trucks. Any trucker who has his eyes peeled for someone will have already spotted you. How you cruise him will determine if he responds. I generally open my cell phone so he can see the screen light then shut it. That should be enough. He'll do the same or flick a cigarette lighter. Many times he might exit his truck and walk by you and strike up a conversation. Follow his queue from there.

You may also walk around as if you're stretching your legs. If you walk past a driver sitting in his truck if he's interested he will nod and point to the side of the truck to get in. Sometimes a trucker will jump out of his truck and do a walk around as if he's checking his load or tires, etc. If he stops to relieve himself between his tractor and trailer then he's generally letting you know he wants to play. Often times he will stroke to let you know he's interesting. He may even rub his crotch as he walks back to the truck.

Follow the same protocol once in the truck as instructed earlier. Exiting the truck is a little trickier in a rest area or picnic area. Look around to make sure there aren't other sets of eyes watching you. Look around and through his rear-view mirror for any patrolling law enforcement before exiting his truck. Sometimes a patrol car could be unmarked. Always try to exit from the side of the truck that is not easily viewed.

Be Prepared
Make sure your driver's license, registration and insurance are all current. If you should be stopped you don't want to have added problems. If you're stopped and questioned and you live in close proximity to the rest area, etc., have a good story to tell the nosy cop. And for those who do dumb and stupid things like PnP, do not take your party favors with you in case you're pulled over and questioned. For example, you stopped to check text messages or eat a hamburger you bought earlier (I carry a Whataburger wrapper and paper bag!) . I've even been known to put a clothes bar in my back seat and hang some clothes up to look as if I'm traveling. Also, if you're stopped and questioned by a local law enforcement agency, don't go return the rest area the next night. In fact, wait a while before cruising the rest area again.

Often times there are rest areas opposite each other. It can be fun to cruise one side then the other. However, if you do it back and forth several times you're calling unnecessary attention to yourself. If a cop has already pulled through one side of the rest area, chances are he or she will eventually be pulling through the rest area on the opposite side of the Interstate. You don't want a cop to recognize your car from one side and then be seen shortly after at the opposite rest area. If you pull out of a rest area to turn around at the next overpass to check out the opposite rest area and see a cop parked on the service road and should he follow you drive normally and simply pass by the opposite rest area you were headed to. Don't pull in to the rest area. It might look suspicious and chances are he'll know or suspect that you're out cruising.

The restrooms in the older rest areas are often cruisy, particularly at the urinals. Usual urinal show-and-tell protocol applies. Sometimes cruising outside the restroom by the map and water fountains/vending machines is also a great place to hook up with a driver.

The CB can also work well in a rest area or picnic area. I'll generally wait to see if a trucker hops out of his truck and goes inside the restroom. From there I'll follow him in and see if he's cruising.

Avid Safety Areas
If your state has the new "Safety Areas", I don't recommend even bothering to try to cruise them. The new high-tech rest areas have audio and video cameras everywhere and 24hour surveillance monitoring and armed security guards. Not that they're impossible to cruise. but they're close to it.

Picnic areas are found in some states such as Texas. These can be very cruisy and have no restroom facilities. You cruise very much like you would in a rest area, except these places generally have picnic tables and a few even have trails through the woods where sex occurs. It's always recommended that if you do hook up outside of a truck that you ask the trucker to go back to his truck to play. The last thing you want is some county sheriff busting you in a picnic area that could lead to you having to register as a sex offender.

Scenic overlooks can be very interesting and are cruised very much like the picnic areas. I have a friend that has even gotten a blow job or two from more than one California Highway Patrolman in a scenic overlook on I-5. Often times Scenic Overlooks have secluded wooded areas where truckers and four-wheelers will congregate. Again, if you hook up outside of a truck try to get the driver to take you back to his sleeper for sex. It's a lot more private.

Truck Stops
Back in the day almost all truck stops had at least one glory hole where truckers would line up to take their turn at it. It's almost unheard of to find glory hole in a truck stop these days. However, restroom cruising is still active in some truck stops, particularly at truck stops that lack partitions or "cruise control" at the urinals, such as TA Truck Stops. I have also hooked up in tv lounges and at the counters in truck stop restaurants. It's good to appear low key because of copious video cameras everywhere and security guards as well as off duty police officers. Because some if not many truck stops have become havens for prostitutes or "lot lizards" as well as drugs since prostitution and drugs truck stops seem to go hand-in-hand, many truck stops have a lot of surveillance these days. Above all, look like you belong in a truck stop. Cruising a restroom in a truck stop can result in some fine looking men as long as you're not too obvious. Some truckers have been known to complain to management if they're cruised too blatantly.

Most truckers these days are on tight schedules. Often if they've stopped to eat a meal they're rushed to eat and leave. However, I've had a good deal of luck sitting down next to a trucker at a restaurant counter and have wound up leaving with him for a walk out to his truck to see "what one of those sleepers look like on the inside", since I'm not a trucker I've always been curious.

Trucker Bars Next to Truck Stops and Hotels with Truck Parking:
One of my best friends who now lives in Cheyenne swears I must wear a combination of Diesel and Cocknip behind my ears when it comes to picking up truckers in a straight trucker bar. He's been amazed when he has accompanied me on one of my Trucker Game Hunts and Roundups. Trucker Bars and also Hotels that have truck parking and a Cocktail Lounge can be awesome. Cruising a redneck trucker bar can be tricky and takes lot of practice, skill, experience and patience. However, once you learn the nuances of cruising a trucker bar or a hotel bar frequented by truckers, the rewards are many and the hunt can be as much fun as the catch.

If you walk in a trucker bar and there are a lot of women who look like prostitutes or druggies, or both, then in all probability they are the classic truck stop lot lizard. I generally turn around and leave. Anywhere there are lot lizards there will also be drugs as they go hand in hand. You could be setting yourself up for a drug raid or worse. Also, truckers are less likely to go with a man if there are women hanging around, no matter how ugly or sleezy the women may be. It seems to be a trucker thing. If there are just a few women, or better yet, no women, then this could be your Road Knight Kismet. If you see a trucker that looks interesting, take a stool next to him or maybe one stool away if the place isn't crowded. My favorite is to find a stool between two truck drivers and sit between them. You'll increase your odds by 50% by having a trucker drinking on either side of you. Cruising a trucker bar takes the ability to make small talk, be engaging, open, and being able to make the trucker(s) sitting next to you equally as engaging. I will actually try to get the two truckers on opposite sides of me engaged into a three way conversation. This gives me an advantage to see which one is more likely to fool around. After all, 75% of all communication is non-verbal and use of body language.

Above all, eluding self-confidence helps a great deal. Alcohol often helps truckers loosen up. Many of these handsome road warriors have been on the road for a few weeks and may be longing for some company and conversation, getting buzzed from liquor and are horny! Once you learn how to pick up a Knight in Shining cowboy boots it's easy. The trick is to get him relaxed enough to invite you to his truck. One method to get that invitation is to have a couple of drinks and share a lot of conversation. Exchange names!! Becoming familiar is the key to cruising a redneck trucker bar. When your handsome trucker offers to buy you a drink let him know that you might be over the limit to drive. After you accept and then buy the next round make sure you mention that you are now really over your limit. I've even said things like, "I sure wish my buddy Dean was here like he normally is on Wednesday nights. We're old drinking buddies and when I've had too much he tells me to take his upper bunk or just sit up in the passenger seat." Your buzzed and horny trucker is probably wondering if you're after a chance to play and will realize this is his queue to say something like "hell you can stay in my truck until you sober up because I sure don't want to see you get out on the road and get in an accident or get pulled over." You're in! In the meantime you've dropped some hints that may involve telling jokes (make sure you're funny!) or talking about having sex with women, blow jobs from women (I know!!!) and then there's the slight brushing of your knee against his. The slight touching of your knee to his is the true litmus test if he's picking up on your subtle hints. If he's interested he will press his knee to yours also. Don't get too pushy, however. You've opened the door now allow your curious and horny trucker to step through it. He'll tell you where his truck is. With few exceptions most of the time the two of you will leave together. However, sometimes he'll ask you to wait a few moments and follow him out to his truck. If something does not seem right then use common sense. Even the slimmest amount of skepticism is enough not to take him up on his offer. Always go with your first feeling. If something just doesn't seem right, no matter how small the feeling, then don't follow through with the offer. However, in the twenty plus years I have cruised straight, redneck trucker bars I've never once problem or a threat. Most of it is how you conduct yourself and remaining in control.

These are just rudimentary basics of cruising a trucker bar. Some bars are pretty rough, others are innocuous. You have to feel the place out before you make the decision to stay and play.

Trucker Hotels
Hotels that have truck parking and a cocktail lounge can be like shooting fish in a barrel. A trucker may check into a hotel for a number of reasons. For example, an owner-operator on his 34-hour restart may check into a hotel, which he can claim on his taxes as an owner operator. He may be an owner/operator or company driver whose truck is in a dealership being repaired, or he just may want to get out of his truck for a weekend. When a truck driver is laying over in a hotel for a day or two, this weary road-warrior wants to relax, unwind, have a few drinks and hopefully get laid. He may be hoping for a woman, but after a few drinks a man starts looking good as well. Taking a man back to his hotel room is a lot less obvious than leaving with a guy he met in a trucker bar who follows him out to his truck parked nearby.

The protocol is almost identical to a trucker bar next to a truck stop except the hotel bar may be less crowded and therefore more eyes and ears looking about and listening. If you walk into a hotel bar frequented by truckers look around for someone who looks like he might be a trucker. If he's drinking alone and looks appealing then see if there's seat next to him. Again, if the bar isn't very crowded then take a seat a stool or two way from the guy you're interested in. If you follow some the examples I laid out in terms of cruising a trucker's bar you'll in all probability get lucky. Once you've struck up a conversation and have shared a few drinks then use the same approach. Many times I have also used the excuse that I can't have another drink unless I find a room. More often than not the horny and buzzed driver will say something like,"I have a second bed in my room. Come on over and take it. I'd rather see you do that than get on the road and get a DUI or an accident." Voila! Still, never assume he wants to play around when you get to his room. He could just be a nice guy trying to help you out. Follow his queue once in the room.

These days you're more likely to hook up with an owner/operator than a company driver because of stricter rules that major trucking companies impose on their company drivers than are imposed on owner/operators leased on to companies for many reasons. There are even ways you can tell by the tractor and the tractor # if the driver is company driver or an owner/operator.

No matter where or how you cruise a trucker use common sense and think with your big head and not your little one. If you have the least amount of skepticism then follow your first instinct because generally it's the right one. No cock no matter how hot the trucker is worth any sort of risk. Don't go with him if you feel even the least bit nervous. Above all, have fun and play safely.

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