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The author of this article is:

A 44 year old "closet bi" man

How to become a truck driver authored by:tntdrafting

Bi married man sucks trucker cock in a big rig!
First off I will start with the fact that I am a 44 year old "closet bi" man from the Southeast region of South dakota. Though I am happily married in what would outwardly appear to be a normal heterosexual marriage I am very closet bi and have always had a major desire to provide oral pleasure to other men. My wife of 23 years has no knowledge of this secret part of my life.

Each day I commute 23 miles to my job in a manufacturing company. My route to work involves travelling south down a short 5 mile stretch of I-29 from exit 31 to exit 26 and vice-versa going north on the same stretch on the commute home.


Bi Married Trucker Sex Story Continued ...

This past summer I had placed a profile on wherein I was looking for a well endowed man who might be in being on the receiving end only of some fantastic mind blowing head. One of the email responses I received happened to be from a trucker who was definitely interested. He provided me with his cell number and we began to text back and forth and trade photos via cell. It turned out he was a black man, decent, average, clean looking 50 year old guy that had a magnificent looking cock from what I could see on a cell phone picture. He expressed right off the bat that he was not overly concerned with what I looked like however he did think I looked fine after seeing the cell pic I sent him. He said it had been 2 months since he had blown his load thus he was eager to find a way to get together. He mentioned to me that he runs a regular route between Kansas City and Fargo, ND thus travels I-29 constantly. I had noticed when going to work at 5:30 a.m. that there are often at least 2 - 4 trucks parked along the on/off ramps at exit 31. Upon my suggestion he said he could make that work thus it was arranged that we would meet at the northbound on ramp at exit 31 at 5:30 a.m. on the coming Thursday morning. He gave me a thorough description of his truck as well as agreeing upon a basic signal wherein I was to flash my headlights when I parked behind him and he would in turn flip his running lights on and off to verify that we were each who the other was looking for and avoid any possibility of mistaken identity.

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Bi Married Story Continued ...

Thursday arrived and I spotted his red Kenworth at the exit just as planned.I pulled up behind his truck, we traded the pre-arranged signals and I then approached his passenger door which he already had open for me by the time I walked up there. He gave me a hand up into the cab. Upon my getting in and shutting the door he shook my hand and introduced himself as "Ed". I was satisfied that Ed was just as the cell pics had shown him to be. I noted within seconds the large tent that was already obvious in the front of his sweats. I introduced myself to Ed using first name only.

Initially we simply sat in the front and made small talk for a few minutes about the weather, traffic, etc. At one point I told Ed I was a little nervous about meeting in this fashion. He suggested that the best way to get past that would be to get back in the sleeper and get right into it. I agreed and prompted him to go ahead and get back there and get himself ready. He climbed back there, dropped his sweat pants down and sat down on the small bed in the sleeper. He was positioned such that he was sitting at the center part of the bed with his butt at the edge and his torso facing outward toward the front portion of the cab. He had his upper body reclined against some pillows. His cock was absolutely huge. My cock got hard at the first glimpse of his. By my best estimate I would say his cock was no less than 10" long and very thick. The head was so thick and big I wasn't sure how I was going to suck him off without scraping it with my teeth.

I positioned myself on my knees between the front seat and began by simply holding his meat in the palm of my hand and stroking it. I am an office worker at my company therefore my hands are nice and smooth. He expressed how good it felt as I simply slid my hand gantly up and down the length of his shaft. His cock felt really heavy and I could feel the pre-cum oozing from my own small cock into my underwear as I stroked him. After a minute or two of that I wrapped both hands around his shaft and made my first go at sucking the head of his meat. I was careful to wrap my lips oer my teeth sdo that I wouldn't scrape him. I had to really stretch my jaws to get my mouth open wide enough to get the fat head of his cock fully inside my mouth, however with some effort I was able to do it. I started out sucking very gently on the head while using both my hands one atop the other to stroke his veiny velvety shaft.

He reclined even further and put one arm over his eyes and began to talk to me as I was giving him head. He told me when to slow down, when to go faster, when to tighten my grip, etc. I was rock hard and dribbling pre-cum steadily from my own little white boy cock which was still confined in my pants as I sucked and jacked with lustful vigor on his huge black meat. After about 10 minutes of this Ed was starting to hump vigorously into my mouth, holding the back of my head in his hands and jambing his fat cock head deep down into my throat. I was intermittantly gagging as there was simply no space for air to get past his huge cock head.

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Bi Married Sex Story Continued ...

It was completely and utterly stuffing my throat as he fucked his meat in and out of my mouth. I could taste the semi salty musky taste of his pre-cum on my tastebuds. He was polite enough to withdraw when I would gag but then he would shove it back home til I had at least 8" of his length buried in my throat again. I swear i could actually feel his cock head swelling even larger as he told me was building up to blow his load. He was gasping and grunting as he told me that he was literally feeling the cum starting to surge up out of his balls. Seconds later I felt the hot sensation deep in my throat as the first gush of his nut cream jolted straight down my throat. I withdrew far enough to feel the second gush explode into my mouth, bathing my tongue in a pudle of his hot man gravy. All together I counted 4 big jolts of jizz that erupted out of Ed's huge meat. The first had gone straight to my stomach, the last 3 all into my mouth, with me swallowing several times to take it all down. I continued to suck his cock head for another couple of minutes after his orgasm was over.

His meat was as fully engorged as it could possibly be, the veins all popping out and the mushroom head swollen to it's full magnificent girth. The nerves were so sensitive that it was making him twitch and convulse every time I moved my tongue against his cock head. Finally he couldn't take it any longer and pushed me away. He pulled up his sweats and complimented me saying that the head job I gave was the best he had had in many many years and possibly the best ever. I told him I'd love to do it again sometime. He agreed. Checking my watch I saw it was high time I get to work so we shook hands once more and I departed. To date we haven't been able to arrange a repeat performance, however he has been in touch on email and we still plan to do it again.

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