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Gay Bath House Story:

authored by:harryapitts
The Bath House was in a warehouse district... gay bath house story !
Getting on the Western flight to SLC was easy, a lot easier than it would be today. First class was half empty & it didn't look had economy had many passengers either. So I ended up having my first class seat all to myself. I already missed Gary & wished he were with me, but I was sure I would see more of him in the future. The flight attendants didn't seem too interested in me although they did serve me a nice brunch once we were airborne.

After polishing off the brunch of a western omelet, sliced fruit, danish & hot tea, I opened my brown envelope to study it more thoroughly. There were 5 white envelopes inside. I had already had to look in the one marked Tickets to hand in my ticket to SLC. I had been surprised when I noted that instead of returning directly to SFO, I was to fly to Butte, MT & then return to SFO. I was surprised that there was no return ticket to FL, but I figured that would be given to me when I got back to SFO. The second envelope was marked itinerary & detailed my car & hotel reservations, etc.

The third envelope was marked SLC & contained the details concerning the distributor I was to meet & a little background on why the trip was necessary & what I had to say & to do to make the man happy & keep him in the Remembrex fold. I was empowered to make all kinds of price concessions to him as well as territorial extensions, (Colorado to be speficic) etc. Finally Rocky said that the man had been at the Hot Springs during my first visit & had participated fully in all the sexual activities that had gone on. However, since he had left the main office & taken over the SLC distributorship, he had ceased to participate in company R & R sessions. I was to do my best to get him into bed & back into the company's M2M fold.

The fouth envelope was marked Butte & told me that I was to meat with one of the compan'y largest stockholders who lived there whose proxy was needed for the next stockholders meeting. The guy was a bachelor cowboy who had made a fortune in mining companies. He had used to attend the stockholders meeting & had been wined & dined by Rocky & partied with some of the butchest studs Rocky could find. The guy was disabled now & was unable to travel & hadn't bothered to send proxies for the last 2 years. This year there was going to be a crucial vote on something & Rocky needed his proxy. My job was to get him into bed & get his proxy.

The fifth envelope was marked spending money & had a bunch of 5's, 10's & 20's plus 15 100's for a total of 2 grand. The note from Rocky said I was to spend this on the trip, plus I was to use the company credit card if I wanted to. Plus he wouldn't forget my birthday & Christmas. He also said I was probably wondereing why there was no return ticket to FL & he said he wanted me around Headquarters for a while & then he would probably have the corporate jet fly me from San Jose home.

The rest of the flight was unevental & before I knew we had touched down at SLC & I had ridden the bus to the car rental lit & gotten my brand new red Mustang & taken off my the Ramada which was south of downtown.

Checkin in was easy & their was message to call the distributor's office when I got in. My appointment was at 3PM so I figured it was a confirmation. The manager, who was named George came out while I was signing in & welcomed me to SLC & told the bellhop that he was going to personally take me up to my room. So he grabbed my stuff & we headed to the elevators. In the elevator he said that Rocky was an old friend & had called him to make sure I get settled in OK. In the room, he unpacked my stuff & hung it all or or put it in the bathrrom or in drawers. George then said "You must be tired from your trip, Harry. Rocky tells me you love full body massage. I spent 6 months down at the Hot Springs studying massage. I'd be honored if you would let me give you my best massage,"

"Uou're on, George, I replied. & stripped down to my FTL's & lay on my stomach on one of the beds. The first thing George did was to grab my briefs & pull them down, saying: "We won't need these. THey'll just be in the way. Then he started at my neck & worked down my back to the top of my asscrack. His handls were talented & he knew what he was doing & I was soon tension free. From the base of my spine, he skipped to my feetwhich were hanging over the end of the bed. He massaged them expertly & then started kissing them & slicking my toes, Then he moved up to my calves to the back of my knees & them up to the back of my thighs. Then he started kneading my ass cheeks with his hands. When he started kissing my cheeks, my cock got hard as a rock. Then he kissed his way up my back & when he reached my kenck he told me to turn over which I told. Before I knew it his mouth was on mine & one of his hands was on my cock. Then he went back to massaging my upper body & suckin on my nips & then his tongue licked its way down to my crotch. He carefully avoided my throbbin dick which was standing straight up & instead licked the V for Victory my crotch & my thighs.

Then he knelt between my legs & raised my legs up & shoved a pillow under my ass, so his tongue had easy access to lick from the base of my balls into the Great Valley of my asscrack where he paid particular attention to licking my asscrack. Finally he moved up to my cock & started licking from the base to the tip. When I couldn't stand it much longer, he took my cock all the way into his mouth in one gulp.


Gay Bath House Story Continued ...

George musta sensed that he wasn't gonna get me off this way & pulled off so that only my tip was in his mouth and started lickin & suckin for all he was worth. He would get me to the edge & then stop. He did this several times til I could finally stand it no longer & grabbed his head & shouted: "Take if George, take it, you fuckin cocksucker," & started spewing rope after rope of my hot cum into his mouth. George tried to swallow it as fast as it cum out but some still dribbed out of his mouth. When I was finished cummin, he pulled off & licked up all the dribbled cum he could find til I pulled him head up to mine & started suckin my own cum outta his mouth.

I wanted to return the favor but he said he would have to get back to his office or there would be talk. I thanked him and made him promse to cum back later in my stay. If you're hungry I'll have some bruch sent up for you in a few minutes. The bellhop is a good lookin guy name Dave & I'm sure he'll be into to talkin with you while you eat. He's worked here 7 years since he got outta high school. Don't tip him nothin, though, cause I'll take care of him. Then George let himself out & I jumped in the shower.

After I finished showering, I called the distributor's number & his personal assistant said that he had had to go to Park City unexpectedly for a speaking engagement in the afternoon & was going to stay over at his ski lodge up & would I care to join him up there for dinner & spend the night & go skiing in the morning? I said sure & she said that his driver would pick me up around 6PM.

Just then there was a knock on the & I rabbed a tery cloth bathrobe & looked out the peephole to see the bellhop with tray of food. I let him in & he set it down on the table. "Thanks, Dave," I said. My name's Harry. George said you'd keep me company while I eat."

"I sure will, Mr. Harry," he replied & I could see his eyes beamin.

As I sat down at the table, the belt on my bathrobe came undone exposing my front from chest down. I tried to cover up, but Dave said: "Don't bother coverin up for me, Sir, I'm a naturist & I appreciate a good lookin man's body, if you know what I mean. "

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Gay Bath House Story Continued ...

"I sure do, Dave. I guess I'm a naturist too, Why don't you get comfortable too?"

So Dave got nekkid & stood in front of me. George was right. Dave was a fuckin knockout. He was mid 20's, what you would call an otter. Medium build but covered with nice brown hair in all the right places & a nice medium size cock hanging down from his bush.

I motioned for him to sit, but he said: "Id rather kneel. That's what I do best." So he knelt & scooted under the table & started kissing my harry thighs, then my balls & then my cock. I proceeded to eat the cheeseburger & fries & slaw & drink the strawberry milkshake while Dave was busy suckin me off. He was even better that George at suckin dick. After I shot my first lode, I told him to stay on cause I could give him 2 or 3 more lodes. He doid as I told him & by the time I was done eating I had filled his mouth with my cum 4 times.

When I was done, I told him to stand up cause I needed some cream for desert, He stood by my arm chair & I sucked his hard cock like a starvin man. He shor real quick, but I kept on suckin til he shot me another lode. Then I pulled his mouth down & kissed him & I tasted a mixture of his & my cum.

I wanted to fuck him & he was willin but said he didn't have enough time, but he'd be bring all my meals up to me, so I'd have plenty of time to fuck him later.

I realized that it wasn't even noon so that left me with the rest of the morning & the afternoon to kill before my ride to Park City. I asked Dave if there were any cruisy T rooms or baths around.

"It's slim pickins. There's some activity in the basement bathrrom at the Hotel State downtown. The only bathhouse is down in the warehouse district & aint very active in the afternoon. He gave me directions to both places & I told him I'd check them out & by back by 5 to get cleaned up to leave for Park City at 6.

Dave said to call when I got back & he'd bring me up some beer. I told him I thought you didn't sell it here. "We don't, Harry, but we give it to our good outta state guests. See ya the," & he was gone.

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Gay Bath House Story Continued ...

I got dressed & went downtown & got a parkin place right near the Hotel & walked in & went down to the basement. The men's room was right across from a men's ware place, which I decided to browse after I checed out the bathroom. When I opened the door. about a dozen guys musta scrambled up offa their knees & the guys that they was suckin were pretendin to P or were stuffin their cocks back in their pants. Half of them ran out the door.

I was wering fuckin ass tight wranglers, black boots & a checked cowboy shirt. The urinals was all around on 3 walls of the big room & they were the old fashioned movie palace type that were marble & ran from the floor to you chest. They were no partitions, I walked over to an empty one between 2 guys & whipped out my half erect cock & started whizzin. I stood back far enough so my neighbors had no problem checkin my meat out. When I finished whizzin & knew that both of then had their eyes fixed on my prick, I started slowly playin with it. Silently my neighbors put their back in their pants, zipped up & left. The rest of the guys in the bathroom follwed them excpt for one old guy that he he didn't care if I was a cop, he'd gladly go to jail if he could suck me off first. "Beat it, you old fart, or I'll run your ass in for sure." He high tailed it out & I washed my hands & walked out & went in the men's store.

Their clothes were good quality, pricey & a little on the conservative side, but I did find a pair of sport slacks that I liked. Bill, the clerk who was waiting on insisted that I try them on & led me back to the try on area & opened one of the rooms for me & followed me in. "I need to measure your inseam, he said as he dropped to his knees & got out his cloth tape measure, I had FTL boxer briefs on & my cock was hangin down to the left. Of course, the guy measured down my left side, so he held the tape on my cock with one hand while he ran it down to the bottom of the jeans.

My dick had a mind of its own & loves attention & started gettin hard. The guy tok his hand ogg & aologized, saying: "Most guys hand on the right. I'm sorry. I didn't mean to touch you there sir."

"It's OK man, you can call me Harry. Why do I shuck these pants & my boots & I'll try the slacks on for you to measure."

Without waiting for an answer, I dropped my pants & sat down on the easy chair & took My boots off & then slip my pants off. Then I stood up & reached down iside my underpants & adjusted my cock so it pointin up to my navel. Then I slipped the slacks on & the got started measring from my crotch again. My cock, though, wouldn't stay put & started tenting my pants. THe poor guy was sweating trying to measure me & check out my swelling cock at the same time. Finally I pulled hand from my crotch & placed it on my cock & said "You wanns measure this, doncha?"

"Ya, he replied, I'd luv to if you won't beat me up or kill me."

"No, man, I won't hurt you none," I replied as I dropped the slacks & dropped my boxer briefs after them. My cock sprung out & he started to lick the head. "No man, measure it first." He measured it & said it's over 9 inches. WOW"

"Eat it man, Eat it, I told him & he took it all in his mouth & gave me an expert blow job & swallowed my big load when he was finished.

Bill was a pretty good lookin guy in his mid 40's with a receding hairline & a wedding band on his left hand. I was gonna try to go down on him but my sixth sense told me that he didn't want any reciprocation, so I pulled up my underpants & the slacks & he finished measuring everything & I told him I'd take the. Then I got outta them & put my jeans & boots back on. Then I told him I need some shirts & he guessed my size right & said he'd bring back a selection for me to look at. I also told him to bring back any slarks like the one's I was getting, only in different colors. He went out & brought back a load of shirts & pants. & I looked the over & picked the ones I liked & gave him the company credit card & told him to wrap them out. He went out with the clothes & my card & came back with my card, the chit to sign & my purchases all neatly wrapped & bagged. He thanked me profusely & said he joped I'd be back. "Most of my outa town customers keep cummin back." "Thanks, Bill, I'm sure I'll be back 2 or 3 times a year. Then I left with my $500 in purchases & headed south in my rental car to the Bath House.

As Dave has told me, the Bath House was in a warehouse district & its parking lot had only a few cars in it. I paid &10 for a year's membership & $5 for a locker & went on in. It was like most bath house I'd been in except for being practically empty. I got nekkid & stowed my clothes in a locker, locked it & put the key around my wrist, picked up my towel & started off bare ass swingin my towel to explore the place.

There were a few old men in the TV room & I kept on figuring I could do better. I found the wet area. The hot tub was empty & there was one towel hangin by the door to sauna. The steam room next door had no towels outside, so I went in the sauna & found a guy in his early 30's that looked just like Mike, my buddy back at St Chad. We started talking & he told me he was from Bonneville & I told him I was from FL but worked for a company in CA. After a few minutes, he said let's go check out the steam. OK, I said, & I followed him next door to the steam room & sat down next to him. There was a water hose on the floor that you used to sprat the metal sensor up by the ceiling that controlled the steam He picked it up & then sprayed the sensor & sprayed my by mistake, so I grabbed the hose & sprayed hin & we ened up horsing around spraying each other's cocks & asses with water. After 15 or so minutes, he said, that was fun man, let's go sit in the hot tub for 10 minutes & then go back to me room & relax for a while. "Cool, man," I replied & we went out & sat in the hot tub & talked some more and after our 10 minutes were up, we got our towels & I followd him to his room. As soon as the door was closed & locked behind us, he grabbed me & said, "My name's Rory," Mine's Harry, I replied. Then he kissed me & we ened up on the bed kissing & feeling each other's bodies up. His body was covered with black hair just like Mike & he had the same basketball player's build. We were soon 69ing, feasin on each other's cocks. We both cummed together & then Rory said "Let's eat each other's asses out. so we sacrucched around so each of us had his head between the other's legs with his tongue licking his asshole. After a while, Rory said let's fuck each other & he volunteered to let me fuck him first which I did. I was so hopped up at the thought of fuckin Mike's lookalike that although I gave him a good fuck, I couldn't help shooting within 5 minutes. Then I rolled off & laid on my back & rory fucked me for a bout 15 minutes before he filled my asshole.

Then we grabbed our towels & headed to the showers together. The shower room was round & had one gang shower pole in the center. Great for voyeuring. It was empty when we entered but as soon as the water started, the old men started pillin in. Rory & me quickly finished & dried off & started back to him room. "Tell ya, what, I gotta leave now. Why don'y you get your stuff outta yore locker & follow me & I'll give you my room key. I've got all night on it. Then I'll turn your key in when I leave.

So I got my stuff outta my locker & went back to the room with Rory. Rory unlocked the locker & his room & took his stuff out & I put mine in & we swapped keys. Then started getting dressed while I watched. His underpants was FTL tight whities which showed off his ass & package very nicely. He put on a white T shirt & a solid blue long sleeved western shirt & then put on a pair of levis 501's. When he was dressed except for his work boots, he knelt in front of me and gave me a quick blow job. When he finished, he pulled off & said. "Dam, Harry, that was fuckin good. I really want to see you again. Let's exchange Addresses & phone numbers. Sure I said & I got up & got 2 of my business cards outta my wallet & handed them to him with my pen & said, "Keep one & write your stuff on the back of the other for me.

"Sure thing, Harry, he said as he write his full name, mailing address & phone number on the back of one card & handed it to me. He pulled out his wallet & opened it to stick my card in. That's when I saw the gold state trooper badge. He saw the look on my, face & said it's OK, pardner. I ain't gonna hurt you none. I'm a cocksucker just like you & I'm real careful. I live a pretty lonely life in the desert & the only enjoyment I get is like this. I can get sucked off through the glory hole at truck stops & stuff like that, but I can't reciprocate in places like that. I'd sure to to sure you again. I got vacation cummin up. I could fly to FL if you'd have me. I'd like to just shack up with you for a coupla weeks.

"I sure would, Rory." I replied, as I un buttoned his fly & pulled his limp dick out & gave him a quick blow job. When I was finished he buttoned up & pulled me up & kissed me on the lips & swallowed what was left in my mouth of his cum. "I love you, Harry," he said, "Even if we never see each other again, I'll always remember this time together. Then he hugged me tightly & left,

I waited 10 or 15 minutes & then left. As I handed it my key, the attendant said to me, "cum back big guy, You can fuck me anytime, but I know you're way outta my fuckin league. Just like yore buddy that just left."

"Youd' be surprised, Man," I said & winked at him. I looked at the clock & saw it was only 4PM, so I said I can stay for another 10 minutes if you wanna suck me off."

"Sure do. Hey Tom he called to the back office. Come out here & cover for me for 10 minutes. Then he led me back to the TV room & I dropped my pants & he knelt down & gave me a blow job while a bunch of guys sat around & watched. After I shot off, he got up & went back to the front desk. I pulled my pants up & left as 6 0r 7 guys got down on their knees begging to be next.

"As I passed the desk on my way out, the guy thanked me again. "You rmade my fuckin day."

When I got back to the Ramada, I found Stan, the guy who was to take me up to Park City, waiting for me in the lobby. He apologized for being early & I replied, "No problem, man, Come on up to my room while I get changed. Room service is bringing me up some beer & munchies." Dave the bellhop overhead me & said he'd get the stuff & be right up. So Stan & me went up to my room. He was a bear in his mid 30's with the beginnings of a beer belly. We sat at the table & made small talk til Dave came up with the beer & munchies. Dave said he'd just clocked off & I told him to stay & have a beer with us. I then excused my self & got nekkid & went in the bathroom to shower & shave. When I was done, I came back out & found Stan sitting in an easy chair with his pants & under pants down at his ankles with Dave down on his knees suckin his cock. Stan's legs were covered with lots of nice brown fur. Stan motioned me over & took my cock in his hand, then started sucking it. After 5 minutes of so I shot my wad in Stan's mouth & he shot off in Dave's mouth. Then I told Dave to get naked & let Stan & me take turns fuckin him like a dog. Dave got naked & knelt on the towel I'd dropped on the floor. Stan said, "Let me his that nice warm ass & get it ready for your big dick, Harry, & I'll then scoot under & suck his weet cock wheile your rammin him."

"Sounds good," I replied. So I stood in front of Dave & had him suck my dick while Stan licked his asshole. When I was good & hard I went behind Dave & rammed my cock all the way in & started fuckin him hard. He squealed like a fuckin stuck pig. Meanwhile Stan slid under him so he could get Dave's prick in his mouth to suck him off.

Dave was moaning "Fuck, me Harry, You big fuckin ox, Fuck Me." I got pissed at being called an ox & started pile driving his ass as hard as I could. It didn't take long til Dave was screamin that he was cummin & I then shot my lode & pulled out & sat on the chair & Dave knelt between my legs & cleaned me off with his tongue. I motioned Stan over & took his cock in my mouth while Dave worked on my dick. Stan shot almost immediately & pulled out & went & knelt behind Dave & raised his ass up enough so he could fuck him. Dave was almost purring like a cat, he was so happy to have a big cock in his mouth & one fuckin him in the ass. Stan & me were both so fuckin turned on that it didn't take us long to shoot our cum into Dave's hot ass & mouth, respectively.

Then we piled in the shower together & got cleaned up. Stan said he's have me back by 1AM cause his boss never spent a week night up at Park City, but always returned to Salt Lake at midnight. Dave asked if he could keep my bed room while I was gone & I said "Sure, man."

Before Stan & me left, Dave asked me how my day had gone & I told him how I cleared out the basement T room at the Hotel State, got a blow job from the guy who waited on me at the Men's Store across the hall, & had wild sex with a state trooper named Rory from the Salt Flats. "Wow, Harry, you have all the luck."


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