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Harry's slogan "Real men wear FTL (Fruit of The Loom) or nothing at all!"

Rugged Gay biker Story: MY BIKER BUDDY SCOTT
authored by:harryapitts
"I finally ordered him to get naked & get down on the floor so I could fuck him like a dog"... gay biker story !

A couple of weeks ago, my biker buddy, Scott, stopped by for a morning quickie. but I told him I was too busy, so he left, or at least I thought he's left. A little while later, I was sittin in my FTL's working on my computer in the livin roon & looked out the front window & saw him sitting on the retaining wall in my front yard facin the street. His Levis was loose & he had no underpants on so I could see the top half of his ass. I opened the window & called to him: "OK, Scott, get your ass in here. You're gonna get fucked after all."

In an instant he was in the living room & was down on his knees & had my underpants off & was suckin my cocck to get it hard. When I was good & hard, he stood up, dropped his Levi's & sat on my cock after I put a rubber on. I just sat there & let him do all the work sliding his ass up & down my big dick til I finally ordered him to get naked & get down on the floor so I could fuck him like a dog, which he did & I did. I musta fucked him for half an hour before I finally shot my load. He'd already shot 2 or 3 loads on the carpet while I was fuckin him.

I pulled out & scott took the rubber off me & tied it & tossed it in the nearby trash can & then we 69'd on the rug for another half hour or so, til we both cummed at the same time. I went back to work on the computer & I thought Scott would take the hint & get dressed & leave, but he didn't.


Gay Biker Sex Story Continued ...

"I know you're busy, Harry, & I thank you for fuckin me," he said " but I ain't got nothin to do today & I'm in sort of a blue funk & I like bein around you, so if you don't mind I'll just hang out here & drink some of your beer if it's OK?"

"No problem, Scott, make yourself at home," I replied.

So Scott stayed the rest of the day bare ass naked & drank beer & did some house cleaning for me & watched TV in the bedroom & came in every once in a while & knelt down & sucked me off as I worked on the computer. When I was finished workin, we took a shower together & I fixed some dinner for us & we spent the rest of the day & night talkin fuckin & suckin & rimmin in my bed.

Gypsy Joe joined up after midnight which relieved me because I was gettin pretty worn out by Scott's insatiable need to have my cock in his ass or mouth, although Scott insisted on suckin my cock or rimmin me while Joe fucked him, That was OK cause I could let him do all the work & jest enjoy the long blow job or rimmin. Joe was all horned up & musta fucked Scott for a n hour or so before he pulled out, ripped the rubber off & shot his load all over Scott's face & my cock which he was suckin. I wiped the cum off his face with my hands & made Scott lick it all off before I pulled out of his mouth & shot my load all over his face. Joe then licked my cum off Scott's face & we fell asleep for a while.

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Gay Biker Story Continued ...

We were woken up about 3 or 4 by a bangin on the back door. It was my old buddy Franco who'd just gotten off his night watchman shift & was hot to trot. So we all piled back in my big bed & Franco sucked me while he fucked Scott with a safe on of course. Joe tried as best he could to lick Franco's asshole while he was fucking Scott, which wasn't no easy task, but Joe loved licking the assholes of hot hairy Italian stallions. Plus as I've told you in previous stories, Franco has one of the most beautiful asses in the world. He aint much in the face department although he's not ugly by any means but he's got an ass to die.

Framco didn't take long to shoot his wad in the rubber whuch he pulled ff as soon as he pulled. He rolled on his back & asked me to fuck him while joe sat on his face so he could eat him out out. Someohow Scott managed to get his head on Franco's lap & suck his cock while I pounded his asshole with my big cock. I'd cummed so many times it took me quite a while to get off even though I had a raging hard on. Franco had an ass that I could never get enough of either to fuck or to rim. Franco musta shot 2 or 3 times in Scott's eager mouth before I finally shot off. Joe then took my place fuckin Franco while Franco & me french kissed & Scott managed to pull the rubber off my cock in such a way that most of my cum stayed on my cock which he proceeded to clean off. Scott kept on suckin til he finally got me to come again for the umpteenth time. I thien fell asleep & when I woke up the next morning Franco & Joe were gone & Scott wasa asleep with his head on my lap. I had a raging piss hard so I pushed Scott aside & went in & tooka a leak & cum back & got back into bed.

Scott was wide awake now & said, "Morning, Harry, I heard yo pissin in the bathroom. I'd drunk your piss if you'd wanted me to."

"Thanks, Scott, but no thanks," I said. "Just stick to drinking my cum."

"OK, Harry, but I just love you so much I want to drink your piss too. I know yove let other guys do."

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Gay Biker Sex Story Continued ...

"Ya, I have Scott, but they was guys I didn't have no feelings for. Like the guy in the State Park back in Minnesota years ago & the guy from Orlando that used to cum down on weekends to theojn in Old Fort Hotel & sit in the booth that had a glory hole next to the urinals. He'd put a note up saying, "Piss though the hole to you right & the guy inside with drink your piss & suck you off.' The bar was usually full of bikers & he usually got lots of takers & nobody bothered him. At closin time he'd walk out with his clothes all soaked in piss & cum & go upstairs to the room he rented by the month."

"I'm sorry, Harry, I didn't mean to offend, you, but I'm glad to know you care about me."

Then he looked at me said, "Harry, see that paddle you got hangin on the wall." as he pointed to my frat pledge paddle from St Chad. "I you care about me so much I need you to beat my ass with that paddle. I know they beat your ass with it & I want you to beat mine, too."

"OK," I replied & told him to lay on his stomach with his bare ass up in the air & I grabbed hithe paddle & gave his ass a few gentle strokes.

"No, you fucker," Scott screamed, "Hit me as hard as you can."

So without stoppin to think I gave him 3 or 4 hard wacks. I expected him to scream & beg me to stop but he didn't. It seemed almost like he enjoyed it although his snowy white ass cheeks were now crimson where I had hit him. I was still naked & I realized that my cock was stickin straight out at attention.

"Why,d you stop, Harry?" Scott asked. "Hit me again."

"I can't do it, Scott, I like you too much, although it kinda turns me on in a strange way."

Scott turned his head & saw me erection & knelt on the floor in front of me & took my cock all the way into his mouth & I shot off almost immediately. I lokked down & Scott's cock was standin straight up also & then I noticed the big gobs of cum on the bed where he had been lying. I pulled Scott's mouth up to mine & frenched him so I could taste my own load. Then I made Scott lick up his own cum for the bed & then we frenched some more & mixed all our cum together before each of us swalling part of it. Then I lat Scott on his stomach on the bed & gently kissed his butt cheeks before I smeared some antiinflammatory oinment on them. Then I lay down next to him & held him in my arms while he started crying * sayin,

"Harry, I love you with all my heart, You're so good to me, even though I don't deserve it. I hope you'll let me stay here. I'll be your slave & sleep at the foot of your bed like a dog just to be near you.

"What happened to your wife, man?"

"She went back to Newport a few weeks ago & is shacked up with one of my cousins who told her I was queer cause I sucked him off one night over at the Bear Mountain resort when we was both drunk."

"What about your house down here & you kids?" I asked.

"That's her folkses house & they done told me to get my fuckin ass out. The kids is all growed up & back in Tennseessee & won't have nothin to do with me neither."

"That explains why you've been actin like you swallowed Spanish Fly. Don't worry, Scott, you can stay here & you can sleep with Joe & me or anywhere you want to. You won't be lonely here."

"Thanks, Harry, I know that. I guess I jest realized I'm queer & I don't care cause I'd rather suck cock & get fucked than anything else. I'll do anuthing you say. Do your chores, mow your grass, clean your house, feed your cat & clean her box. I give yo my pay check every week too."

:let's get some sleep, Scott & we'll talk about it later.

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