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Harry's slogan "Real men wear FTL (Fruit of The Loom) or nothing at all!"

Gay Firefighter Sex
authored by:harryapitts

Gay firefighter fucks hairy ass!
THIS IS HARRY AGAIN. Writing about my one night stand with Tommy the Polish frat man from Eastern Michigan, got me thinkin about an even older & stranger one night stand I had.

It was June the summer after my first year back at St Chad State. As you know from my recent stories, I had gotten into a hot & humid relationship with my fraternity brother & roommate, Mike. Right after Mike graduated, I flew down to Florida to spend some time with my parents before I went back to Minnesota. Mike & his parents were to drive down & spend some time with my parents & the I was going to ride back north with them.

My mother seemed to intuit that Mike & me were more than friends & rented a cottage down the beach for the two of us to stay in while his folks stayed with her & my dad.


Gay Firefighter Sex Story Continued ...

Anyway I had a few days at the cottage by myself & one night after going to the Gate & not findin any action, I drove further down the beach to a place called the Gulf Terrace which was owned by people from back home. They had a beachside bar that stayed open til closing time after the restaurant was closed. They had spotlights aimed towards the water so you could sit & drink & watch the surf or what there was of it. It was a nice place to hang out although it wasn't cruisy.

Lars, the man who owned the place was tendin bar & there was only one patron sittin at the bar, a good lookin super butch red headed guy in his 30's. Lars & me talked a little bit about his sons that I'd gone to school with & about the Volunteer Fire Department we were all in. The guy at the bar overheard us & joined in to tell us he worked for the Miami Fire Department & we all got swappin tales like firemen always do when they get together. After a while Lars went over & started washing glasses & left me & the guy alone to talk. I told him all about my life although he told me very little about his own except when he talked fire department stuff. I didn't see any wedding ring on his finger but he didn't give any indications of looking for man sex either. Because Lars was there & because I was committed to Mike anyway, though, I decided to just play it perfectly straight.

When Lars gave the last call, I said goodbye & left. The guy left right after me & followed me back up Gulf Drive. I thought nothing about it til he pulled in to the cottage right behind me & parked next to me. I figured he was maybe stayin at one of the other cottages in the group, so I just got out & walked around to the front porch of my cottage that faced the Gulf & went in. He followed me right inside & said,

"Harry, I need to fuck your ass."

I decided to just go with the flow, so I responded, "OK, but let me suck you some first."

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Gay Firemen Story Continued ...

Thursday arrived and I spotted his red Kenworth at the exit just as planned.I pulled up behind his truck, we traded the pre-arranged signals and I then approached his passenger door which he already had open for me by the time I walked up there. He gave me a hand up into the cab. Upon my getting in and shutting the door he shook my hand and introduced himself as "Ed". I was satisfied that Ed was just as the cell pics had shown him to be. I noted within seconds the large tent that was already obvious in the front of his sweats. I introduced myself to Ed using first name only.

He nodded OK & we silently got bare assed naked. & he lay on my bed & I sucked his big uncut cock that stuck out from a nest of fiery red pubic hair. He dropped a load & I swallowed it & then licked his balls & his ass that was covered with red hair til he got hard enough to fuck me. Then the had me lie on my stomach on the bed & he proceeded to fuck me. That's not the sexiest or most elegant way to get fucked but the pure savageness of it really turned me on & I started dribblin cum on the sheets til I dropped a big load.

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Gay Fireman Sex Story Continued ...

After ruttin my ass for a good half hour, he must have shot his load in my ass cause he was pantin & shakin like he was havin an heart attack. He got still & just stayed in me for a minute or so before he pulled out & rolled me over & sucked my still dribbling cock til I shot a load in his mouth. Then he sat on my chest with his still hard cock pointing towards me mouth. He spit his mouthful of my cum on his cock which had just fucked me & raised his ass up a little & leaned forward, so I could get his cock in my mouth to clean it off. I got it clean & kept suckin til he shot another load in my mouth & he pulled out & got up & wiped his still drippin cock with my underpants that were layin on a chair & got dressed & left without a word. I got up checked my wallet to make sure it was OK. It was. I then heard his car start up & leave.

I then remembered that I hadn't locked my car or rolled the windows up when I came back, so I put on the pair of underpants that were smeared with his cum & walked out to lock my car. When I opened the driver's door to push the lock, the light came on of course & I saw a $100 bill lying on the seat. I grabbed it & stuffed it in my underpants, Then I rolled the windows up & locked the door & went back to my cottage. On the way, I noticed that I hadn't even pulled the blinds. I went back in, got in bed, turned off the lights, pulled my FTL's off & after puttin the $100 bill on the night stand, sniffed them while I jacked off as many times as I could til I feel asleep. When I woke up in the morning, it dawned on me that I didn't even know the guy's first name.


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