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sgchub likes to fuck around in the truck or a well hidden place!

Rest Area Story: Trucker bucket Showers and more in rest area lot
authored by:sgchub
Burly mexican trucker takes bucket shower in rest area lot story!
I been a local trucker now for about 3 yrs and this is a true rest area story. Recently divorced and started asking for shipments out of the state. So I started this one route to las vegas. Pretty easy just take and come back to los angeles. My second trip around got tired on my way back from vegas and stop to rest on this one truck stop in the valley. I didn’t want to be bothered so just parked in the corner away from everyone. I guess I knocked off for half an hour and theres this big rigged park next to me on the passenger side so I look around and there’s this big Mexican guy. He is about 6’1 230lbs, in his mid 30s, hairy chest, big thighs and tan skinned. He is just in his undies and looks like he is going to shower in between both our trucks. He has a bucket of water, soap and a towel by his truck. I get fucking hard thinking about him getting naked in from of me. I start rubbing my cock. All of a sudden he turns around and looks at me and nods. I get fucken embarrassed, but he is like did I wake u up. Im like yea just woke up. He is like well your just in time for a nice lil show.


He takes his undies off, I see his nice big meaty ass, mostly smooth but can tell the hairs on his crack. I unzip my pants and take my hard dick out. I start pulling my skin back and rubbing my cock head. He turns around and shows me his bushy cock. Its thick dark and uncut and paired with some low hanging balls. He starts rubbing his cock with soap and begins to get hard. He looks at me and tells me if I can help him out with his back. I jump out of my truck and next thing you know were fucking kissing, not really caring if anyone is watching us. I start grabbing his ass, he grunts as I spread his cheeks. He takes my shirt off and pulls my pants down. He tells me he likes my uncut dick and deep throats my seven inches. I start thrusting my dick hard in his mouth as he grunts and jerks his dick. He gags from time to time for air but I keep shoving my dick in his mouth. He stands up and forces me to his dick. He is about my size but thicker with a big head.

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Rest Area Story Continued ...

I start sucking his dick and can taste his pre cum. He grunts louder as I stick my finger in his tight hole. He tells me, u wanna fuck my ass fucker. I turn him around bend him over and taste that meaty man ass. I shove my tounge deep in his asshole and now I got him moaning like a lil bitch. His ass taste so fucken good. I stand up and stick my dick in him and go at it. Were both moaning and grunting at this point. He has a hot tight ass. He begins to order me to fuck him slow then hard and fast. Feels so fucking good that I cum in like 5 mins of pumping his ass. I grunt loud as I cum in his ass. He squeezes his ass hard as he knows im cumming and it feels so fucking good. He stands up and begins to jerk his thick uncut dick. I get on my knees and begin to suck on it again. His head is so wet with pre cum, but I take his whole cock in my mouth. I begin to suck on his balls and he jerks harder. He tells me he is gonna cum and I suck on his cock. He grunts and cums his warm thick load in my mouth. I swallow it down and suck harder on his head till he pushes me away from his cock.

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I pull my pants up and watch him finish his shower. We exchange digits and leave from there fucking happy as fuck. That was my first trucker that I fuck and first public fuck and it was hot.

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