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Harry's slogan "Real men wear FTL (Fruit of The Loom) or nothing at all!"
authored by:harryapitts

"He took my cock in his mouth & I grabbed his head with both hands"... quote from this gay cop sex story !
THIS IS PART 5 of a multipart story. read part 1 here

THIS IS HARRY AGAIN. Part 4 ended with me sleepin butt ass nekkid in a motel bed in Butte MT with a local guy named Sean & a salesman from SLC named Scott.

When I woke up about 6 AM, Sean & Scott were both down lickin my cock & balls. When they realized I was awake, they said they both needed to get fucked by me while they sucked the other one off. My mind was still tired but my cock was raring to go & I guess a hard cock usually wins out. So I told Sean to sit in the chair & Scott to kneel in front of him & I would fuck Scott's ass first. Then they could switch.

Sean was all lubed & ready to go so I plunged my big boner all the way in to the hilt & started slowly fuckin his ass. He started suckin Scott's dick as hard as he could & Scott cummed almost immediately. I ordered Sean to keep his fuckin mouth on Scott's dick & to keep suckin til he got him off again. I increased my speed & power fucked Sean for maybe 10 more minutes before I unloded my cum in his ass, Just before I shot I'd reached under & grabbed Sean's hard cock & he'd shot all over my hand which I'd wiped off on his back.

Scott & Sean then switched places & I fucked Scott's ass while he suckin Sean's dick. I was gonna take it easy fuckin Scott but Sean started face fuckin him so I decided to pile drive his ass. Sean & I locked eyes with each other & it felt like we were really fuckin each other, with Scott just being the receptacle for our cum. Scott's asshole was clampin & unclampin on my cock as fast as it could to match the rhythm of my fuckin. Scott's mouth though couldn't hardly keep up with the poundin it was takin. Scott just clamped his arms around Sean's ass & held on for dear life. Finally I could feel Scott's asshole getting tired & blurted out that I was ready to cum. "Me too," chimed in Sean. We then dropped our lodes into Scott. Sean pulled out first & went in the bathroom. Then I pulled out slowly & lay on my back while Scott cleaned me off. I motioned him to swing around on top of me so I could suck his cock. He was more than happy to comply, & I let him face fuck me til we both came. Then we hugged & kissed * he told me he'd never had such fantastic sex in all his life. THen he put his clothes on & left to go back to his own room to get ready for his calls.

I joined Sean & the shower & shared Scott's cum with him as we played together in the shower. Then we got dressed & went in Sean's car to the Truck Stop for the big Trucker's Breakfast & then we headed to Corey's place in the historic part of town. Corey's place was a 3 story Victorian mansion & Sean told me it had seen many uses ranging from mine owner's palace to whore house to flop house until Corey had bought it returned it to its former glory.


Gay cop sex Story Continued ...

I left Sean in the car & walked up to the door & rang the bell. The door opened & I was greeted by a giant guy in hospital scrubs with a shaved head. "Mr. Pitts, I presume. The master is expecting you, but your driver must come on in side & wait in the servant's quarters. There is a big storm coming our way & he'll be more comfortable inside."

So I turned & motioned for Sean to join me, which he did. Then the big butler said follow me to the cloak room where you must shed your clothes, shower thoroughly & then don the robes I give you."

Sean rolled his eyes, but I knew he was as determined as me to see Corey's house & hoefully meat him. We both stripped & hung our clothes in the lockers walked over to the gang showerhead that stood off to one side of the big tiled room. As we showered & soaped up, we could feel the butler's eyes, scoping us out. On a far wall I noticed I large mirror that wasn't fogging up & I figured we were probably being inspected by other eyes as well.

When we got out of the shower, we were handed huge towels to dry off with & I was given a George Cinq robe from the famous hotel in Paris to wear while Sean was told to sit nekkid on the wooden bench & wait. The butler then led me into the next room & presented me to Corey who was sitting in a wheel chair wearing only a pair of white FTL's. We shook hands & he said: "Welcum to Butte, Harry, I'm sorry about having to be a prick to get Rocky to send you up here. Don't worry about my proxy. It's all signed waiting for the AirEx guy to cum pick it up. Now let me suck that big cock of yours & then we'll chat. " He motioned me to cum closer & he told the butler to take my robe, so I ended up standing next to his wheel chair bare ass nekkid with a boner pointing towards Corey. He grabbed it with one hand & exlaimed, "It's even bigger than I remember, Harry."

I looked a little puzzled & he must have picked up on it cause he continued: "I'm sure you don't remember me. I was at the Hot Springs that fabled night you made your first appearance & Rocky had us all suck you off. It was the most fuckin fantastic night of my life & I've dreamed ever since of being able to do you again & more especially to get to know you as a real man & have you as a friend, if that's OK?"

"It sure is, Corey," I replied. "I'll be honored to be your friend. I'm sorry I didn't remember you."

"It's OK, Harry, I'm sure it's not easy to remember faces & names after you've been dun by 20 or 30 guys in a weekend. Now I need to get face fucked." He took my cock in his mouth & I grabbed his head with both hands & started giving him what he wanted. I glanced down & saw that he had a bone of his own tenting in his FTL's. He gladly took my pounding & I soon rewarded him by blasting his tonsils with my cum.

When I pulled out, he asked me to pull up a chair so we could talk.

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Gay Cop Sex Story Continued ...

"No, Corey, it's my turn to take care of your bone." I said & knelt in front of the wheelchair & carefully pulled his briefs down. He protested but I beer can cock in my mouth & was suckin it for all I was worth. He was all horned up from suckin my cock, so it didn't take long for me to get him off. He shot lode after lode of the sweetest cum I've ever had. I stayed right on him & kept suckin til I'd gotten him off a second time. When I pulled off, he motioned me to a chair facing a curtain & he rolled over & pulled the curtain open, revealing the shower room. SEan was sittin on the bench & the butler was kneeling in front of him suckin his cock.

"Who's you friend, Big Guy? he asked me & I replied: "He's a guy named Sean from the School of Mines that I met last night at the Truck Stop."

Corey's face turned white momentarily & then he asked" "what's his last name?"

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Gay Cop Sex Story Continued ...

"Mulcahy," I replied. "Why, Do you know him, Corey?"

"No, I don't, but I really do. You see I was his biological father. His mom, Kate, ran a bordello & she had taken a fancy to a young miner named Mike Mulcahy & she had married him. Her biological clock was running as they say now & she was desperate to have a baby with him, but no luck. Then he was killed in a mining accident. Shortly after the funeral she called me to come over for a chat & she told me that she desperatly wanted to have his child but it hadn't happened. I was Irish & had the same color eyes & hair as Mike, so she proposed that I knock her up. I was still married at the time, so marriage was out of the question. She said that didn't matter since if she gave birth with 9 or 10 months of his death, she could say he was the father. No strings to me. So I said OK & we had sex every night for a month or so til she was sure she was pregnant. I think she conceived the first night, but anyway Sean was born a little premature 9 months to the day after Mike died. I was overjoyed at having a son, since my wife had only given my girls. I made Kate promise to close her house & I arranged with my bankers in San Francisco to send her a large check each month.

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