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Harry's slogan "Real men wear FTL (Fruit of The Loom) or nothing at all!"

Gay Truck Stop Sex Story:

authored by:harryapitts
"Time is of the essence when you're getting blown through a glory hole, so I grabbed the top of the partition & fucked his mouth as hard as I could"... quote from this gay truck stop sex story !

THIS IS PART 3 of a multipart story. read part 1 here

This part is all about Butte, but don't worry I'll be getting back to SLC & my state trooper.

THIS IS HARRY AGAIN. I was the only person in first class on the flight to Butte, so I had the only first class steward hovering over me practically the whole flight. We talked & he kept me supplied with snacks & sodas. He let me know in subtle ways that he was gay & sure would like to have my straight cock in his queer mouth. I told him where I was staying & he said the flight attendants stayed there too but he wouldn't get there til late cause they had to shutlle back to SLC & then up to Butte again. I gave him & card & he said he'c call me when he got in & maybe we could have a drink together.

There was snow on the ground in Butte & it wasn't nice fresh snow but dirty snow that had accumulated all winter & would be there til warm weather came. Once the "Richest Hill on Earth, Butte was now a dpressing place that was literally eating itself up. The big mining company had closed the mine shafts & was doing strip mining. Huge parts of the city had been gobbled up & one pit was said to be the largest on earth.

My motel was on the interstate business loop & was practically empty except for a few business travellers like me & the brave souls who travelled the interstate this time of year. Driving in I saw a Flyin J Truck Stop & made a mental note to check it out later.

The motel had a big central court with an inside wet are with pool, hot tubs, etc, After gettin settled in, I fished out the old whit speedo that I carry along just in case. I grabbed a towel, put on a bathrobe & went down to the pool . It was completely deserted, so I swam some laps til I was tired & then sat in the hot tub. I hadn't been in the hot tub 3 minutes til a couple of middle aged guys appeared & They weren't bad looking guys, probably what you'd call bears. Not much in the face but nice hair & beer guts. They were both white as sheets. Being from Florida, I wasn't used to seeing people with not a hint of tan. Each of them had on gold wedding bands, but they seemed to be together, so maybe they were a couple. They introduced themselves to me as Hank & Terry & said they were from Miles City & were on their way to Seattle for a vacation. The radio had said there was bad storms west of here so they'd pulled in here to ride it out. When the water action stopped, I got out & walked over & reset the timer to cut it back on. As I've told you before, when my speedos get wet, I show everything I've got, front & back, I felt their eyes burning into me & instead of gettin back in the tub, I set on the edge & swished my feet around. They were both staring at my crotch. Finally, one of them said.: "You must spend a lot of time at the beach in Florida, Harry, to get that good a tan. Then he winked at me & I winked back. When the water motion stopped again, they said they had a bottle of whiskey & some beer back in their room & would I join them for a drink. "Sure, I said, "I could use a beer. Lead, the way." I followed them back & Hank poured each of them a stiff drink & got a beer outta the mini fridge for me. Then we got talking & they told me they had a ranch of some kind & they were both divorced & had lived together a long time. Then they said they were going to take a shower & get the chlorine off & did I want to take a shower too? "Sure I said & they told be to go first, so I walked in the bathroom, peeled off my speedo & got in the showered & rinsed for a while. Then I grabbed one of their towels & walked naked out to the room. "Hope you don't mind" I said, "I aint got nthing to change into." No problem, we're naturists ourselves, We go round nekkid all the time at home." They both got nekkid & Terry went into use the shower.

While he was gone, Hank said, "God really gave you a body worth showing off." "That he did, " I replied. "Glad you like it."

"I sure do. Harry, I can't keep my eyes off it. You must have all kinds a women chasing after you."

"That I do, but most of them are afraid of my big dick. They think it'll wreck their cunt & they won't even try to suck it."

"Did you ever let a guy blow ya, Harry?" "Hell yes, I could use a good blow job right now. You now where I could get one."

"There're holes between the toilets back at the Truck Stop. It's easy to get a blow job there."

"Maybe I'll mosey on over there."

"Don't go, Harry, Terry'll be glad to do you, won't you Terry, he said just as Terry came outts the bathroom.


Gay Bath House Story Continued ...

Terry didn't say nothing but knelt in front of me & started lickin my balls. When my cock was hard he plopped it in his mouth & started suckin. Hank was watchin us & his cock got hard. It was maybe 3 inches hard, but I've sucked smaller, so I motioned him over & he stood by my side & I sucked him off. In some ways small cocks are easier to suck. The whole thing fits in your mouth comfortably & you still get loads of cum. I played with his nips & his ass cheeks & had him cummin in my mouth in no time. I then dropped my load in Terry's mouth & told them to switch places. Terry was a little bigger, maybe 4 inches & took longer to get off. Hank was more skilled at suckin cock & got 2 loads outta me before he took his mouth off.

Then I announced that sure would like to fuck a nice ass & they both said they'd love me to fuck them. I fucked Hank first while he sucked Terry off, then they switch. Then I went back in the shower, dried off, grabbed my speedo & towel, & put my bathrobe on & said I had to go. They begged me to stay or at least to cum back later. They weren't going no place & they didn't care if I fucked them all night.

I went back to the hot tb & soon was joined by a travellin salesman from Salt Lake. He was about my age, married with kids, but he too couldn't keep his eyes off my body. He said he hated being on the road & havin to eat alone. Same here, I replied. I got an expense account. Let's have dinner together & I'll put it in my account."

That'd be great, he said. Then he said his name was Scott & he gave me room number & I told him to be by in half an hour to pick him up.

I hurried back & got cleaned up & dressed as fast as I could & was knockin on Scott's door. As I'd hoped, he's just gotten outta the shower & was drippin wet holding a towel in front of him.

"Sorry. Im so early." I said. "Don't let me bother you. We're just guys. "

He was shaking like a leaf, so I continued, "It's OK, Scott, Herry let me help dry you off." He let me take the towel & I proceeded to towel him dry from his neck to his toes. Scott was fairly muscuar with not much hair except under his arms & in his crotch. I left his ass & public region for last. After I finished drying his ass, I spun him around & his small cock was hard as a rock.

"Nice dick, you got there, Scott, I said & he replied "Not as nice as yours, Harry." I started playing with it & he told me I could suck it if I liked so I went down on him & he shot almost immediately. I stayed on & after suckin for 5 minutes or so, I got another lode outta him.

When I was finished, Scott said, "It my turn now, Harry, I need to suck that big dick of yours." So I got naked & sat on the chair & he knelt between my legs & started suckin me off. I could tell that he'd done it before, but he wasn't an expert at it, but I knew he was enjoying it & I just let him do his thing. He finally got me off & after he'd swallowed, I pulled his head up to mine & kissed him. "Thank, Harry, I don't get a chance to do that too often."

Then we got dressed & went out to dinner. Over dinner, he told me that most of his experience was with stangers in bathrooms or on the road. He usually didn't even know the guy's name. When we got back from dinner, I asked him to cum by my room & we'd play around some more and talk. He was more than willing to do so. We got nekkid & 69'd this time, Then he asked me to fuck, cause he'd never been fucked & wanted me to be the one to bust his cherry. I kissed his mouth & licked his ass til I got him as hot as possible, Then I fingered his ass with KY to loosen him up. Only when he was beggin me to stick it in, did I try. I eased it in as slow as I could. When I sensed that he was hurting, I stopped & let him adjust. When he was well loosed up & it was starting to feel good, then I started fuckin him in earnest. When I was finished, I didn't even have to ask him to clean me off. He went right down on it.

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Gay Bath House Story Continued ...

Then I told him it was my turn to get fucked. He was reluctant to do so, but I led him through it & finally he was fuckin my ass like it was old hat to him. Then he said he had to go but he asked if he could come back later. "Sure, I replied, "I'm going out know & might be gone for a coupla hours.

As soon as he left, I got dressed & went to the Truck Stop. I went in the restaurant & got some coffee & sat & drank it & then went in to john which was long & narrow ith sinks on the left & urinals on the right. In the back was a row of 6 or so toilet stalls. A guy was just cummin out of the last one & I went in there. There was a glory hole between my stall & the neighboring one. I had to take a whizz, so I pulled my cock out & started pissin. I was careful to make sure I didn't block the neighbor's view. Within a minute or so I saw a finger beckoning me through the hole, So I turn & held my cock in front of it. When I felt the guy's finger on the head & heard him whisper loudly, Stick it through. Then I stuck & through & into the warm mouth waitin on the other side. Time is of the essence when you're getting blown through a glory hole, so I grabbed the top of the partition & fucked his mouth as hard as I could. He kep right on me & soon got my load cummin in his mouth. Then I pulled out & started wipin it off with toilet paper. The guy then pushed a note though the hole which said "Thanks, Bud., Best today. Want more. Follow me out to my rig. Name's Sam."

I leaned down & whispered OK. & opened my door & waited for him to exit his then I followed him outside. He was middle aged in a blue parks, old jeans & black work boots. When we were outside, he turned to me & said, "Names. Sam." "Mine's Harry," I replied.

"Busy place," he said. "I been there 2 hours, & had a steady stream of cummers. None as good as you. Harry." "Thanks, I said.

He told me he was holed up here cause the storm was cummin in on the west & he'd rather stay here & suck cock then go on & get stck someplace.

When we got to his rig, he jumped up the driver's door & opened the passenger door for me to climb up. Then we crawled into the sleeper & he pulled gthe black curtain & turned the light's on. The heat felt goo, so I didn't hesitate to follow his lead to get naked. Then he said, Your dick, Harry is the only one of the dozens I dun tonight that I wanted to see the rest of. THen he started kissin my nipples & licking my chest hair & working down towards my cock. He took his time & finally took my cock into his mouth & started suckin me off. Freed from the tension of the T room, I let him take his time, Finally after 7 or 8 minutes I shoot my lode in his mouth & pulled out. Yhen I got down on his cock which was maybe 5 inches hard. Almost as soon as I started suckin him, he shot off reams of cream that must have been building up when he was back on his marathon glory hole such session. I stayed on and got him off again. after a nice leisurely . The he said lets get dressed & go into the drivers lounge. I got a room there. The TV room shows straight porn flix & it's easy to get guys to go back to yopur room for a blow job. I can use you as a decoy to get the ball rolling. Hell, if it looks safe, I'll do ya right in the TV room. Then if I'm lucky I'll just go around the room sucking cocks.

So we got dressed & hopped down from his cab & walked back to the Trucker's Lounge. Then we went in the TV lounge which had maybe 7 or 8 guys watching a video, A few of them had their cocks out & were jackin off. One guy had has pants down o his pants. Sam sat near that guy & I sat on the other end of the room. I let my cock get hard, then I pulled it out & started jackin. I looked over & Sam was knelt down suckin off the guy with his pants down. The guy came pretty quick pulled his pants up & left. Sam then came over & knelt down & started suckin me off. I wasn't ready to cum right away, so Sam took his timew. Gradually guys moved in & sat near us so they could watch & possibly be the next guy to get blown. The guy sitting next to me started feelin my cock up getting in the way of Sam's suckin, so Sam pulled off & let the guy jack me so everone could see. Then the guy that was jackin me stopped & took his hard dick out & Sam went down on it while the guy leaned over & licked the head of my cock. He shot off pretty fast in Sam's mouth & got up & left. Sam got back on my dick & another guy sat down next to me & dropped his pants & started jackin, Sam left my dick & stated suckin the new guy & got him off pretty fast. Then I pulled my pants down to my boots & Sam got back on my cock. New guys sat down on either side of me & pulled out their dicks & started jackin. Sam would leave my cock & start sucking one of the guys sitting next to me. Usually the who was gettin sucked would start feeling my cock & balls. When Sam finished one guy off he move back to my cock for a minute or so & then move on to the guy on the other side. Pretty soon Sam had blown every guy in the room & they started cummin back for seconds. Sam I guess got tired of suckin the same old dicks, so he said to me, "Big Guy you've got the best dick in the place. Cum back to room 12 & fuck me in the ass. So I pulled my pants up & followed him to his room. The room was pretty ratty with just one single bed & a locker. There were peep holes & glory holes into the adjoining rooms & also into the hallway. sam said he was gonnas leave the light on cause he liked an audience especially when he had a hunk like me to service. We got nekkid & stowed our stuff in the locker & Sam madehow of lickin my pitts, my nips & my asshole before he started licking my balls & crotch. Then he started suckin my cock & when I started shootin, He pulled off so I shot all over his face. He wiped it off with his fingers & then used it to lube his asshole. "I want the bastards to see your cum, Harry," he whispered to me. All around the room you couls see eyes peering through the peephole & cocks stickin through the glory holes. Then Sam went & knelt down in front of one of the cocks & started suckin it. There was plenty of room for me to kneel behind him & ram my hard monster dick up his ass. He winced a little but I kept on fuckin him slow & easy. As soon as he got a lode in his mouth, Sam would swallow & move on to the next cock. My cock slipped out a few times but I just followed & rammed it back in. Sam was getting the guys off in about a minute & after 15 or so minutes I told Sam that I ready to cum & he told me to shoot it up his ass, which I did. He pulled off while I was still shooting & whipped around to catch the rest of my lode in his mouth. He then cleaned my cock off with his tongue & I face fucked him til I shot another lode in his mouth. Again, he pulled his mouth off & I squirted most of it on his face.A mudffled cheer went up from our audience. Then Sam wiped my cum off his fingers & licked them clean.

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Gay Bath House Story Continued ...

I told Sam I had to go. I wanted to check out the Finnish Bar & Sauna listed in the gay guide book I had. Also I wanted to fuck Scott some more & try to hook up with the flight attendants when they came into the motel.

Sam said, "Thanks, Big Swede, you're the best cock I've ever had in my mouth & up my ass. THen he looked at the cockks stickin through the glory holes & said, "looks like I'll be busy sucking cocks the rest of the night." Then he grabbed the closed one & went down on it. I got my stuff outta the locker & got dressed. I patted Sam on the head & he pulled off the cock he was suckin & kissed my cock through my jeans. Then I Opened the door & walked out in the hall way where I had to run a gauntlet of groping hands to get out.

I had to piss bad so I went in the john out by the restaurant where Sam had sucked me off through the glory hole. The place was empty except I could see a pair of boots in the last stall, so I went in the stall next to it & dropped my pants & sat down on the toliet & started whizzin. I glance to my left & noticed the guy had his pants down & was jackin a big thick juicy cock. He must have taken off his coat & shirt cause he was nekkid from his boots up. He was a fuckin covering covered with nice black hair. I finished pissin & started jackin & I could feel him lookin through. Sure enough, he stuck his finger through letting me know he wanted my dick. I stood up & stuck it through & he started suckin on it. After 5 minutes, I pulled out & gestured for him to stick his through which he did. It was fuckin beautiful. I went down on it & sucked like I hadn't had a cock in months. He shot quickly & after swallowing it all down, I stick my cock back through the hole & let him finish me off. Then I pulled my clothes up & got ready to leave. The guy passed me a note, though, before I got out, which said, Got a place Stud? I scribbed YES, Meat me out front. Then I left & waited out front. The guy who followed me out was a fuckin knockout. He said his name was Sean & I gave him my name. I told him where I was staying & invited him over. I told him I wanted to go by the Finnish Bath House & he said it wasn't worth the trip & was already closed. There was a bar named Finlandia, though, that had a Bakery next door & a video room upstairs that was pretty active durin the day.

Sean followed me back to the motel & up to me room. We both stripped & got bone on just looking at each other. Sean said, "Harry, I knew from seeing yo from the waist down that the rest had to be as equally impressive," He then dropped to his kness behind me & started kissin my as cheeks. Then he had me bend over so he could lick my asshole.


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