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Harry's slogan "Real men wear FTL (Fruit of The Loom) or nothing at all!"

Gay Glory Hole Sex Story:

authored by:harryapitts
"Just then there was a knock on the door & I looked through the peephole & saw Scott the married guy"... quote from this gay glory hole sex story !

THIS IS PART 4 of a multipart story. read part 1 here

This is in Butte, MT, but don't worry I do get back to SLC & my state trooper.

THIS IS HARRY AGAIN, Sean & I had sucked each other off through the glory hole in the john at the truck stop in Butte & I invited him back to the motel & he was rimmin me in my room as the previous part ended.

Just then there was a knock on the door & I looked through the peephole & saw Scott the married guy I'd picked at the hotel hot tub during the afternoon. I told Sean it was OK & opened the door & Scott came on in. I introduced him & Sean & I told Scott to get his fuckin clothes off so I could suck his cock while Sean finished licking my ass. "Sure, Harry, you're the boss. & he sat on a chair & I knelt between his legs & started licking his cock til it was hard as a bone. Sean knelt behind me & resumed lickin my asshole, Scott was pretty turned on by the scene & soon shot his wad in my mouth. He told be later, it was his first 3 some.

I pulled off & told Sean it was his turn to suck Scott off. "OK, Harry, but you gotta fuck me while I'm doing him." So Sean & me switched places & I ate his asshole out before I started fuckin him. He didn't even wince as I rammed it on in & started pile driving his ass. Again Scott shot his wad pretty quick. Sean said to him: "Scott, get your ass down on the rug & suck my fuckin cock, while Harry fucks me. & don't stop just cause I cum once or twice. Just keep on suckin me til Harry fills my ass up with his sweet cum. "

Scott, said, "Yessir, Sean, I'll take all the cum you give me." & got on the rug & statrted suckin Sean's dick. It took me a good 15 minutes of heavy fuckin before I shot off in Sean's warm asshole. When I finally pulled out, Sean asked me to sit on the chair, while Scott cleaned me up & he fucked Scott's candy ass. "Sure, Sean." I replied, "Scott can't get enough of my cock, can you Scott?"

"No Sir, I can't & I'll clean up Sean when he finishes fuckin the daylights ouuta me."

Sean started licking Scott's bubble butt while Scott was busy cleaning my cock up. When I was bone hard, Scott started suckin me as hard as he could & Sean rammed him in the ass & fucked him unmercifully. I grabbed him head & face fucked him til I came. A few seconds later Sean exploded in his ass hole & pulled out & asked me to switch with him, which I did. Instead of fuckin Scott's sore ass, I licked it as gently as I could sucked Sean's & my own cum out. Then I slid under Scott & sucked his cock.


Glory Hole Sex Story Continued ...

Sean finally shot off in Scott's mouth & Scott unloaded in mine. Sean pulled his head off his cock & brought it up to his mouth & said, "Thanks Scott, you're great, I'm sorry I fucked you too hard."

Scott replied, "That's OK, Sir, I don't care how hard you fuck me, I just need your cock or Harry's in my mouth or ass."

Then the 3 of us piled on the bed & did some after sex M2M chit chat. Male bonding, I guess you'd call it. Sean told me us that he lived with his grandmother & taught at Montana Tech. I asked him if he had to get home & he said, "No, Harry, my gran is a retired madam of one of the big old whore houses that used to flourish here to service the miners need for sex.She know I'm a cocksucker & doesn't mind me not cummin home. Besides I don't have to work tomorrow."

"OK, good you'll stay. I know Scott'll stay."

"You know I will Harry. I haven't had such good dick in a long time."

Just then the phone rand & it was the flight attendant who had served me on the flight up. Their last shuttle had just gotten in & he wondered if he & his roommate could cum up. "Sure, I told, him, I've got 2 friends here visiting if that's OK. "No problem, Big Guy.

I told Sean & Scott that we were gonna be having a coupla flight stewards up in just a minute, so we all put our underpants on. I told them about the flight up from Salt Lake & how attentive the guy had been & I didn't even get him name.

About 15 minutes later my flight attendant & his cohort showed up. They had gotten outta their unforms & were wearing jeans & T shirts. My guy introdced his fiend to me as Andy & Andy said, "Glad to meat ya Harry, Lance told me what good company you were while I was back in cattle class.

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Glory Hole Sex Story Continued ...

I silently thanked Andy for giving me Lance's name, so I could introduce him to Sean & Scott.

Then I looked at Lance & Andy & said, "It's not fair. You guys have clothes on & all we've got on is our underpants." Lance, said no problem, Harry" & he & his buddy stripped to their underpants.

Sean looked at them & said, "But Harry we was nekkid as jaybirds when they called. It's fuckin hot with these things on & shucked the off. The rest of us followed suit.

We all just stood there checkin the others out til Sean broke the ice by saying "OK, let's choose up sides & smell arm pitts." We all laughed & Sean continued: I'm gonna suck Scott's sweet cock some & Lance, you & Andy flip a coin to see who sucks Harry off first. The loser can suck me off."

"Fuck the coin, Sean, I'll gladly chow down on your big rod cause Lance has been talking all night that he can't wait to get Harry's dick in his mouth."

Sean said, "We aint got enough guys for a daisy chain, so we just do a line suck. Scott you get on the floor with your head against the wall, I lie down next so my head's on your dick. Then Andy your head goes on my dick. then Harry your head goes on Andy's prick, while Lance gets to suck you off. When we've all cum, we'll turn around & do the guy that sucked us off. After 5 minutes, we switched directions & were finished in another 5 minutes.

Then while we were discussing what to do next, Sean piped up & said: "Fuck it, guys, you know we all way to suck Harry's dick &/or get fucked in the ass by it. "

They all agreed that that was what they wanted to do & had me lay on my back on the bed, but I protested: "That's cool, guys, but I need some cock or ass in my face while you're working my dick."

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Glory Hole Sex Story Continued ...

So Andy started suckin my cock, while Lance sat on my chest & fed me his nice curved cock. Lance shot pretty quick & before I'd finished swallowing his cum, Sean had taken his place fuckin my face. Sean rested his hands on the headboard & fucked my mouth for all he was worth. I got so fuckin turned on that I started oozin precum & finally started shooting rope after rope of hot cum into Andy's eager mouth. When Andy got up, Sean moved down to my cock & started suckin me fast & furious even though I was still dribbling cum.

Scott then sat on my chest & I sucked him off while Sean sucked my big cock. Lance & Andy knelt on each side of Sean's head & started jackin off . In a few minutes they both shot off all over Sean's face as he was suckin me. They then excused themselves & left since they had to be up early to fly back to Salt Lake & start the shuttle over again. They said they'd be back in Butte to spend the night.

I continued suckin Scott's nice cock & Sean took a breather to wipe the cum off his face & lick it off it fingers. Then he resumed sucking me like a man possessed. I pulled off Scott a minute & told Sean to play with my ass & I spat on one of my fingers started playing with Scott's asshole & started finger fuckin it while Sean went down under to eat my asshole out After a few minutes, Sean started finger fuckin my asshole & went back down on my cock. Sean hit my prostate the ame time as I hit Scott's & I dropped my lode in Sean'e warm mouth just as Scott dropped his big lode in mine.

Then we started talking about what we were gonna do in the morning. Scott said he had accounts to visit & I said I had to go visit a crippled guy name Corey. Sean said he knew of Corey who was a legend in Butte & at the School of Mines for his mining, ranching & investtment success as well as his prowess in bedding most of the goodlookin women in his age range in Silver Bow County as well as quite a few of the men. He had become a recluse since he'd had a recurrence of the crippling polio that he'd managed to beat as a kid. He knew where he lived & would be glad to drive me out there. He'd wait in the car but he hoped I would wangle an invite from Corey for him to cum inside. He'd give his eye teeth to be able to suck Corey off & getting done by him would be even better.

I fell asleep with Sean on one side & Scott on the other.


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